2017                   Connecticut Post: Traditional Art Forms Inspire Greenwich Artist's Modern Approach

2016                   Sensitive Skin Magazine: Mystic Meanderer, Solo Exhibition by Eric Jiaju Lee

                           Cover artwork: Lotus Magazine

2015                   Huffington Post: Canvas and Silk/Bushwick and Beijing: The Art of Eric Jiaju Lee

2014                   Sinovision English Channel (TV): Brooklyn to Beijing and Back Again: Eric Jiaju Lee

                           Sinovision English Channel (TV): Bushwick Open Studios: King Yan “Fina” Yeung and Eric Jiaju Lee

                           Asian American Times: Award Winning Artist Eric Jiaju Lee’s Exhibition Honors Phoenix and Taipei

                           Greenwich Post: Gertrude G. White Art Gallery presents Discreet Divinations

                           World Journal (中文): Eric Jiaju Lee’s Yuanfen at the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas

                           Twist Magazine: The Art of Identity

2013                   Time Out New York: Bushwick Open Studios 2013

2011                    Cover artwork: Synastry

                           TBWTV (TV) (中文): An Interview with Artist Eric Jiaju Lee

2010                   Sing Tao Daily (中文): Crossing Art Gallery Showcases Three Artists

                            New York Community Times (中文): Crossing Art Gallery’s 3X3 Exhibition     

                            Artspy (中文): A Series of Solo Exhibitions at Crossing Art

                            Sinovision (TV) (中文): Segment for Havoc in Heaven

                            Time Out New York: Eye Up-and-Coming Art

                            World Journal (中文): Nine Artists Come Together for the Exhibition Seeing Red

                            Sing Tao Daily (中文): Artists from Different Countries Show Their Work in Seeing Red

                            The China Press (中文): Crossing Art’s Seeing Red

                            Sinovision (TV) (中文): Segment for Seeing Red

2009                   944 Magazine: Fan Fare

                            City Center Special Edition: I Am A Fan: The Residences at Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas - First Ever to Receive a Symbolic, Commemorative Fan

                            Sing Tao Daily (中文): Brooklyn-based Artist Eric Jiaju Lee Awarded Prestigious Commission by Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

                            World Journal (中文): Six Artists Take a Fresh Look and Expand on What Is Chinese Art

                            Sing Tao Daily (中文): Artists Explore the Meaning of Chinese Heritage in Group Exhibition, HOW CHINESE

                            Sinovision (TV) (中文): Segment for HOW CHINESE

                            db artmag-all the news on Deutsche Bank Art: Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win: Young Chinese Art at the 60 Wall Street Gallery

                            Cover artwork: Jade Tongue

2006                   The Star Ledger: Making it Big

                             iaLink: Triple Threat: Artist Eric Jiaju Lee

                             SINO-Television: Interview

2005                   ImaginAsian Radio: Interview                

                             Cover artwork: Baby Winter

2004                   The Star Ledger: Emerging Artists and Temporary Gallery Space Get First Look

                             New York CoolRider Project 2004 presents “CELL,” A Mobile Exhibition

                             Sing Tao Daily (中文): Poetry, Painting, Music: Eric Jiaju Lee’s Search for the Essential

                             World Journal (中文): Epiphanies of the Inner Landscape

2003                   Cover image: The Affordable Art Fair Autumn Collection Catalogue

                            WNYE-TV (PBS): Interview on Asian America

2002                   GQ (Taiwan) (中文): Our Men in New York

                             World Journal (中文): Eric Jiaju Lee Merges Chinese and Western Art in Suchness

                             Sing Tao Daily (中文): Eric Jiaju Lee’s Suchness: Synthesizing the Culture and Philosophy of East and West

                             Ming Pao Daily News (中文): Eric Jiaju Lee’s Solo Exhibition Merges East and West

                             World Journal(中文): Artists Receive the AT&T and CAAC Award for Artistic Achievement

2001                     Atomicpetals: Image for Poetry Journal

                             Always Bright II: Paintings By Chinese American Artists, Homa & Sekey Books, Dumont, NJ.