My work is an intersection of modern abstraction and traditional Chinese painting, where both aspire to elucidate the human experience in relation to nature through an idiosyncratic yet lyrical sensibility. With a quixotic nod to science, science fiction and scientific theories, my organic forms suggest a micro to macro continuum inherent to nature.

I incorporate a process that is both intentional and improvisational by pouring, dripping and brushing paint onto fabric ranging from raw canvas to high quality silk. While I am very familiar with painting on the conventional rectangle or square I also greatly enjoy the challenges of painting on different formats whether they are large scale, on long vertical and horizontal panels, or on circular, fan-shaped and multi-panel compositions.

With attention to the formal visual aspects of painting, I incorporate Chinese philosophical principles to inform the composition, especially with regards to the balance of positive and negative space, a representation of the Yin-Yang (passive-active) duality. I believe true mastery is to know when to paint… and when not to paint. Ultimately what I aspire to is to create compelling works of art that can be objects of contemplation and meditations on beauty.